What to expect

Visit us any Sunday morning, even though it can be awkward attending an event for the first time.

The service begins at 10:15am at Stone Bridge High School (north side of the building). Our church is small (around 100 on a typical Sunday) and young-ish, but with many ages, including many children. Most of our people live in Ashburn and the surrounding area: Sterling and southwest Leesburg. Coffee is available at the Welcome Table in the hallway. A Worship Guide will walk you through the elements of the service. The service ends at 11:30am.

We begin with announcements about church events. After a call to worship from the Bible, the pastor leads us in a short prayer which is followed by our music ministry director leading us in singing. Our music usually consists of a small band ensemble, a tasteful merge between traditional and contemporary. Words to the songs are in the Worship Guide and on a stage monitor. You can hear the catalog of worship songs we use in our Spotify playlist.
We confess faith together using a historic statement of faith, after which one of our elders will dismiss children, age zero to fifth grade, to Children’s Church (around 10:40am) and lead us in prayer. Learn more about Children on Sunday.
After prayer, a member of our church will read a passage from the Bible and the pastor will explain the passage in a sermon around twenty-five minutes long. After every sermon is a prayer from the history of the church that helps us confess our sins, followed by time for silent prayer. The pastor then reminds us, from the Bible, that those who believe in Christ are forgiven of their sins.
We celebrate the Lord’s Table (communion) each Sunday. This is when Children’s Church ends and the children return (usually around 11:25). For communion we use gluten-free bread and juice as a wine substitute. All who profess in Jesus and have been baptized, who are permitted to take communion in other Bible-believing churches, are invited to collect the bread and the juice and return to their seats. We eat and drink together, with prayer, followed by more worship through song.
The pastor ends the service with a benediction, one of the many short promises found in the Bible that encourage us as we go into the new week.

Whatever you would normally wear.

No. Several parents keep their children with them during the entire service.

All participation is optional. There are times in the service where the congregation responds verbally but, again, this is optional.

Our Greeter Team tries not to do this. Our pastor does not try to shake every hand at the exit. We know that you know how to get more information about King’s Cross if you’re interested.