What is worship

About Worship

Worship is central to being human. In Sunday morning worship we gather together to be reminded that Jesus has first gathered us to Himself in the message of the gospel.

Worship is Renewing

For thousands of years God’s people have come together on Sunday to remember and receive again the promise of God’s grace. Each Sunday we are called (invited) by God’s word to worship, consecrated through the preaching of the word, confess our sins according to His word, receive nourishment as we commune at the Lord’s Table, and receive a biblical commission as we are sent back into the week.

Worship is Deliberate

Sunday morning worship is not primarily a creative and innovative endeavor. The Bible provides a guide for our time of worship and provides appropriate elements of worship that are pleasing to God: prayer, music, Bible reading, confession, preaching, offering ourselves and our resources, and fellowship.

Worship is Human

Every person was created by God to be in a worshipful relationship with Him. When we refuse to worship Him, we inevitably worship something or someone else, which is always some flavor of self-worship. Everyone worships.

Old and New

Worship happens in the stream of Christian history when we sing songs, recite prayers, and confess statements with Christians who have gone before us. But worship is also contextual and relevant, so also sing new songs and pray new prayers and hear applicable sermons that interact with our life today.

Corporate and Individual

We look forward to coming together as a family, reuniting after sometimes difficult weeks so we can worship together, again. But worship is also deeply personal. We expect to be nourished and renewed individually through time of silent prayer and reflection.

Reverent and Joyful

Worship is centered on the One True Triune God. He is beyond worthy. Worship must be reverent and full of awe. But He is also our loving Father who takes delight in us, and we take delight in Him with great joy and happy hospitality.