The Lord’s Table

A rationale for why we do this weekly.

The Lord’s Table is a regular part of the Sunday morning worship service. The Lord’s Table is sometimes called communion or the Lord’s Supper or the eucharist (in Episcopal churches) or mass (in Roman Catholic churches).

We do not believe that this meal has the power to convert people to Christianity, or that the actual body and actual blood of Jesus is present at this meal. We use regular (gluten-free) bread and regular juice (in place of wine). 

Jesus taught his disciples how to utilize this simple meal of bread and wine. It has been an ordinary feature of Sunday worship throughout the history of the church. We always introduce this part of the service by connecting it to the sermon and the rest of the worship service. The sermon is the gospel for our ears, while the Lord’s Table is the gospel for our eyes and mouth. When believers eat and drink, in faith, they receive spiritual nourishment from God. 

The Lord’s Table is intended only for baptized believers. If you have been permitted to take communion in another Bible-believing church, you are welcome to join in this meal. If you are not a believer, we invite you to learn more about the good news proclaimed at King’s Cross and how you can know God, too. Learn more about becoming a member of our church.