Children on Sunday

How Children congregate

At King’s Cross there are no classes before or after worship. 

During the worship service (usually around 10:40am) just before the prayer an elder will dismiss children age 0 to fifth grade to Children’s Church. Parents are welcome to keep their children with them during the entire service.

Just outside the doors, our Children’s Ministry workers gather the children in a line according to three classes, each with their own teacher and teacher assistant: kindergarten to first grade, second to third grade, and fourth to fifth grade.

Their teachers then walk the children to their classroom. Each class provides fun, age-appropriate instruction in the Bible. Instruction usually ends around 11:20am and the children are escorted back to rejoin the worship service  just as the Lord’s Table begins. Please contact our Children’s Ministry Coordinator at children@kingscrossva.org with any questions.

Every fifth Sunday of the month children remain with us during the entire worship service.

The Lord’s Table
We celebrate the Lord’s Table every Sunday morning. Children are not invited to participate in this meal unless they are ordinarily admitted to the Lord’s Table as members of another Bible-believing church, or unless they have been interviewed and admitted by the elders of our church. Learn more about becoming a member.