An important step in the life of the believer, and a sign of God’s covenant over His children.

Like the church throughout the centuries, and as we understand the teaching of the Bible, we baptize new believers and the infant children of believers.

Baptism a sign, ordained by Jesus, meant for all of those who are included in God’s family of grace. The water is not consecrated (just ordinary water) and the act of baptism does not convert anyone. Instead, it is a sign pointing to the great grace of God to forgive sinners.

Adult Baptism

We believe that becoming a member of a church is taught in the Bible. If you have never been baptized, we would ask you to consider becoming a member of King’s Cross. We believe baptism is baptism into the life of the local church

Infant and Children Baptisms

We offer baptism to parents of infants who are members of King’s Cross. If you are a member, you can request baptism for your child below.

King’s Cross invites older children to be baptized after they make a profession of faith in an age-appropriate membership interview. We also offer a Communicants Class annually. For more information about this, please contact children@kingscrossva.org.

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