Tracing Holy Week: The Monday of the Fruitless Tree

Here are the Bible passages for this moment in history: Matthew 21.18-19; Mark 11.12-14; and then Mark 11.15-18; Matthew 21.12-13; Luke 19.45-46; and finally Mark 11.19. You can read all of the Holy Week portions of the Bible in this document, Tracing Holy Week Through Scripture. I have owned not just one, but two peach trees, each large enough for a child to climb up into and hide from his mother. Old trees. Mature trees. But not trees that produce fruit, not even one fruit. In the same yard I also owned an apricot tree, old and mature. Too small to climb, which is true for all apricot trees. But this tree did not produce fruit, not even one. I have it on very good authority that the peach trees were peach trees and the apricot tree was an apricot tree. It takes the skills of an arborist to identify the tree when there is no fruit. And Monday morning, a fig tree standing on the way to Jerusalem did not produce fruit. Jesus, with the skills of an arborist, knew it was a fig tree, even without the fruit. And He knew it was not producing what it should. And later that same day, in Jerusalem, funneled into the Court of Gentiles filled with the din of shouting voices and bleating animals, He noticed men sitting behind tables, taking cash, moving product, and not producing fruit. 
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John F. Jones

King's Cross Senior Pastor