Tracing Holy Week: Saturday is a Good Day for Doing Nothing

Here is the Bible passage for this moment in history: Matthew 27.62-66. You can read all of the Holy Week portions of the Bible in this document, Tracing Holy Week Through Scripture.

Saturdays are for rest. It’s me time. Saturday is for Sleeping in. Pancakes. Sports. Shopping. Hiking. Kayaking. Biking. Movies. Parties. After-parties. High calorie meals are allowed. Low calorie activities are allowed. And among first century Jews of Judea, Saturdays are no laughing matter. Saturdays are days with legal guidelines and prescriptions, lots of them. And Saturdays are days that can lead to punishment and ostracized rejection. Saturdays are serious. 

But some things just need to get done on Saturday, even if it’s more appropriate to do so on a weekday. Some things didn’t get done during the workweek and can’t wait until the next workweek. They need to be done on Saturday. Like finishing up a report that’s due on Monday. Like working ahead for a PTO on Friday. Like making sure your dead enemy stays dead.