The Path of a Nominee

The Path of a Nominee

What happens after a nominee has been nominated? The following is a description of the steps in that process from May 2024 to November 2024. 

The season for officer nominations opens a seven month period in which nominees are instructed in the duties of the office to which they’ve been nominated. In the steps along the way, elders and nominees, and the congregation, are waiting on the Lord. Through this process, the Holy Spirit is exposing the gifts and abilities of nominees, equipping them for future service, and also preparing the congregation to follow these men. 


In May, immediately following the season of nominations, each nominee will be invited to an informal meeting with the elders. This is an opportunity for a practical discussion about the duties of the office and the nominee’s willingness and desire to serve. This is also an opportunity for elders to ask questions about the nominee’s fit with biblical qualifications from 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. This informal interview is meant to help the nominee and the elders, together, assess the next steps. 

Formal Announcement 

At this point the elders will announce to the congregation our King’s Cross nominees. These nominees will have been invited to participate in the period of Nominee Instruction.


From May to October, the nominees will be instructed in the duties of their prospective office. They will spend time with Pastor John and the elders, read and discuss a couple of books, attend session and deacon meetings, and participate in ministry leadership. They’ll also have an opportunity to get to know, and be known, by the congregation. As much of the instruction as possible will be open to others and all resources will be shared with the congregation. For instance, some instruction will be delivered via King’s Cross Talks open to the church body.


In October, the elders will examine the nominees in three areas: Christian experience related 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, general Bible knowledge, knowledge of doctrine, awareness of the duties of the office, and willingness to assent to the vows. There will be a short written examination on Bible content and the Shorter Catechism. The session must vote to determine if a nominee is to become a candidate eligible to stand for election. Eligible candidates for elder and deacon will be announced to the congregation. 

Congregational Meeting

Tentatively sometime in November, the elders will call a congregational meeting to vote on the candidates. Those elected will be ordained and installed at the next convenient Sunday morning worship service, likely in December.