Sixteen (Other) Preachers

Why don’t we listen to a sermon on, say, Tuesday, while driving to work? Or early Wednesday morning on the elliptical? Or during a late afternoon walk on Saturday? Sermons generally happen on a Sunday morning but, as a simple exposition of the Bible, sermons are multipurpose.

There are so many sermons available via podcast that it is quite easy to blend a few preachers into your Sermon Mixtape, including the sermons of King’s Cross

This wasn’t as easy in 1995. Karen and I had just moved to Chicago where our pastor, Kent Hughes, introduced us to the habit of listening to a sermon, beyond Sunday. Sort of. In a beautiful shelving unit in the church foyer Kent made previous sermon manuscripts available to the College Church congregation. Many of us took them home to read during the week. At the time Kent was editing his sermons to be included in the Preaching the Word Commentary series.  

Sermon podcasts are everywhere. The following is an illustration of my own sermon-listening habit over the past few years. Here are 16 preachers. This curation is subjective. And abridged (not every preacher has a podcast). But it’s a place to start. 


Dick Lucas and Tim Keller

Kent Hughes was fond of a ministry created in the 1980s by ministers in the Church of England called, Proclamation Trust. ProcTrust was created by Dick Lucas, the great preacher of St. Helen’s Bishopsgate, London. The ministry was essentially preaching workshops to help preachers love and deliver expositional sermons. I have attended a few ProcTrust conferences in London as well as a preaching workshop with the American version, the Charles Simeon Trust (incidentally, created by Kent).

While no longer in the pulpit, Dick Lucas sermons are still my favorites. You can find his sermons by searching the St. Helen’s archive, or the Sunday Talks podcast.  

Many know that Tim Keller, church planter and late pastor of Redeemer Church in New York, was deeply impacted by Martyn Lloyd-Jones (below). But he was also influenced by Dick Lucas. Tim spoke at Proclamation Trust events on five separate occasions and had many friends at St. Helen’s. You can hear Tim Keller sermons at the Gospel in Life podcast.


Seven amazing years in London: 1961-1968

Stepping back in time, it is remarkable that, during the ministry of Dick Lucas at St. Helen’s, which began in 1961, another amazing preacher, John Stott, was preaching just a short tube ride away at All Souls, Langham Place. You can find John Stott’s sermons through the All Souls sermon archive or their sermon podcast. You can also hear John Stott sermons and talks at the Bible for Today podcast.

And through 1968, another amazing preacher, the elder Welshman, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, was in the pulpit at Westminster Chapel, walking distance from All Souls. Nicknamed, The Doctor, you can hear almost all of his sermons through the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Trust website and the MLJ Trust podcast.

For these seven years, Dick Lucas, John Stott, and Martyn Lloyd-Jones preached sparkling expositional sermons in the middle of Swinging London, Mod London, Psychedelic London. And yet, even in the London of the 1960s, St. Helen’s, All Souls, and Westminster Chapel were full every Sunday morning. 


Five Brits and Two Californians

Following Dick Lucas in the St. Helen’s pulpit, William Taylor is another favorite. You can subscribe to his sermons through two podcasts: Sunday Talks and Midweek Talks. You’ll also notice other preachers associated with St. Helen’s, many interns and assistants trained through ProcTrust.

Another William, Londoner William Philip is the minister of Tron Church, Glasgow, Scotland (sermon podcast). For a little background, the great preacher, Eric Alexander, retired from St. George’s Tron Church, in 1997, followed by Sinclair Ferguson. In 2011, St. George’s Tron left the Church of Scotland, becoming Tron Church

Vaughan Roberts is minister of St. Ebbe’s Church, an Evangelical congregation of the Church of England, located in Oxford (sermon podcast). David Gibson is the minister of Trinity Church, in Aberdeen, Scotland (sermon podcast). Jonty Rhodes is the minister of Christ Church Central in Leeds, England (sermon podcast). Trinity and Christ Central are part of the International Presbyterian Church, the denomination founded by Francis Schaeffer in the 1950s. 

Moving to the States, David Jones is the pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church of Silicon Valley, in Palo Alto, California (sermon podcasts). Rankin Wilbourne is the former pastor of Pacific Crossroads Church in Santa Monica, California. You can hear his sermons by searching the PCC podcast or by subscribing to his sermon podcast).

These five British preachers (William Taylor, William Philip, Vaughan Roberts, David Gibson, Jonty Rhodes) and two Californians (David Jones and Rankin Wilbourne) are preachers worth listening to. 


Sinclair Ferguson and Phil Ryken

Sinclair Ferguson was born in Glasgow, but has ministered in the States and Scotland, in church and seminary settings. He was senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina until 2013 when he returned to Scotland first to Dundee, and then to Trinity Church, Aberdeen, to serve alongside David Gibson. He is a favorite preacher to many. You can search the sermon podcast at Trinity and subscribe the Things Unseen podcast

Tenth Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia has a rich history of preachers: Donald Grey Barnhouse, James Montbomery Boice, Liam Goligher. Philip Graham Ryken was the senior pastor until 2010, when he became president of Wheaton College, which is where he grew up. His sermons can be found at the Every Last Word podcast


Mark, Kevin, and Alistair 

Finally, the sermons of these three have been constant companions. Mark Dever is pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church (sermon podcast). Kevin DeYoung is the pastor of Christ Covenant Church in Matthews, North Carolina (sermon podcast). Alistair Begg is the minister of Parkside Church just outside Cleveland, Ohio. His sermons are available on the Truth for Life podcast.