We treasure our young students.

Jones Home Group

This is a group for King’s Cross youth, grades 6 to 12, and their friends. The fall discussion will be a book written by theology professor, Kelly Kapic, A Little Book for New Theologians. This group is accompanied by special King’s Cross youth events.

While life fills with both joy and confusion, both cherished relationships and unwelcome loneliness, King’s Cross wants to be a place where youth can experience the grace of Jesus. He is both their Faithful Friend and their Holy King. We want our youth rest in this as they participate in and contribute to the life of King’s Cross.

We are committed to creating a safe environment for our youth to gather together and grow in love for the Gospel as they deepen their relationship with Jesus through prayer, worship, reading the Bible, and serving others so that they can glorify God in their everyday lives at home, at school, in their neighborhoods, and around the globe.

Our ministry is gospel-centered with an aim to walk with our youth in the Scriptures and what it means to bring God glory. As they are taught about God’s story of grace, we pray they will be grounded in a relationship with God and that the overflow of that relationship will impact their communities. We pray that they will know God’s love expressed in the Scriptures, demonstrated by the Son, and applied by the Spirit. We pray they will respond by loving God and loving others.

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