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A Christian Vocabulary Notes

FEBRUARY 18, 2024

King’s Cross Talks are designed to promote Christian discipleship by increasing familiarity with the Christian faith. Each talk addresses a single topic, and some serve as membership classes and leadership development.

Topics are arranged according to:

  • Christian Life
  • Basic Doctrine
  • Bible Introduction
  • and the History of the Church


Each talk is open to the public, and inviting others is encouraged. Each talk is distinct and focused on one topic to encourage even sporadic attendance. These follow the format of a 40 minute talk followed by 20 minutes of Q&A. Though each talk is introductory and foundational, numerous resources for further study will always be recommended and, occasionally, be distributed free of charge. For those who are able, there is always time for post-talk discussion. 

At this time, childcare is not provided, but we encourage you to turn these evenings into date nights out!

King’s Cross Talks happen Sunday afternoons, 4pm to 5pm, at the Belmont Greene clubhouse located at 43003 Chesterton Street in Ashburn.

Upcoming talks:

  • February 18 CL101: A Christian Vocabulary
  • March 10 CL102: The Basic Ingredients of a Church
  • April 7 CL301: Infant Baptism in the Bible 
  • April 28 CL401: How to Listen to a Sermon
  • May 19 CL202: How Spiritual Growth Happens
  • June 9 BD201: Holy Scripture
Upcoming King's Cross Talks