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Whether you are looking for guidance on a difficult subject, wondering where to look in the Bible for an answer, or seeking explanation on a new song you heard in worship – you can find a plethora of deeper theological content within our specially curated blog articles.

Church Life

General Assembly Reflections

I want to share a few words about the General Assembly meeting that I attended last week with elder John Drum. After all, King’s Cross...

Children’s Ministry Summer Update

The weather is getting warmer. The sunlight lasts well past dinner. Everywhere you go, you see people wearing shorts and sandals. That can only mean...

Learning a New Song: “All My Boast Is in Jesus”

We previously recommended Matt Boswell and Matt Papa's recently released third volume of hymns Our God Will Go Before Us with our last new song introduction. Another...
Book Reviews

Sixteen (Other) Preachers

There are so many sermons available via podcast that it is quite easy to blend a few preachers into your Sermon Mixtape, including the sermons...
Church Life

The Biblical Qualifications

As we enter our season of nomination, be aware that the Bible tells us the kind of men worthy to serve as an officer in...
Church Life

The Path of a Nominee

The Path of a NomineeWhat happens after a nominee has been nominated? The following is a description of the steps in that process from May...
Church Life

A Season for Officer Nominations

One of the blessings of church membership is the nomination and election of church officers. At King's Cross, two offices of leadership carry unique Scriptural...
Church Life

Helpful Resources on Infant Baptism

There are a number of helpful resources to learn about infant baptism. This is the practice of baptizing the babies of baptized church members, which...

Learning a New Song: “I Set My Hope on Jesus”

Matt Boswell and Matt Papa recently released a new song as part of their third volume of hymns Our God Will Go Before Us. In...

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