About Us

What we believe

Over the centuries these teachings have been summarized in statements like The Apostles’ Creed (second century) and the Nicene Creed (fourth century). We confess these as a part of Sunday morning worship. We also confess statements written during the Protestant Reformation (sixteenth century).

We believe it is important to join ourselves to Christian believers throughout the ages.

The Bible is true.

God created people to be in relationship with Him and He communicates with them. The Bible is His authoritative word and it is our only rule for faith and obedience in this life and the life to come. His Bible teaches us how to glorify and enjoy Him.

God is triune.

God has existed from all eternity as one being and three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, relational and loving in His very nature. These three persons are One God, same in substance and equal in power and glory.

Humanity bears God’s image.

Every person was created by God in His own image for His own purposes. Every person is of immense value and dignity and deserving of gentleness and respect. Every person was created to reveal God’s glory and find true rest, peace, and joy in Him.

Eternity is real.

There is more to life than what we see. God made every person to have a soul that will never die and a body that, even after death, will be rejoined to the soul. Every person will live forever either in relationship with God (in heaven) or separated from Him (in hell).

Sin has consequences.

Sin is rejection of a true relationship with God. Every person is born with a heart inclined to reject God, illustrated in thought, action, and affection. Sin is offensive to God, destroys relationship with Him, and leads away from true rest, peace, and joy.

Jesus restores the soul.

Jesus, being fully God and fully human, came to restore a right relationship with God. He became a substitute, living the perfect life no person could live and dying a substitutionary death for the punishment that sin deserves. He rose again from the dead as conqueror of death.

Salvation is through faith alone,
by grace alone.

There is absolutely nothing a person can do to restore a right relationship with God. No amount of work, effort, sincere hope, or good intention will restore the soul. Salvation, a right relationship with God, can only come through Jesus to be received as a free gift. This is grace. Faith is receiving this gift.

The Holy Spirit draws and guides.

God does not leave salvation to chance. Faith is evidence of the drawing power of the Holy Spirit. God does not leave the believer alone to make it through life. The Holy Spirit dwells in the heart to lead the believer into maturity and empower to follow Jesus.

The Church is Jesus’ community.

Jesus reigns over the world by working through the church, believers loving God, loving one another, and loving others. Believers walking through life together. Believers working together to see God’s purposes for humanity fulfilled. Believers sharing the message of grace.

Jesus will return to restore.

Jesus will return, bodily and visibly, to bring to completion all of God’s purposes. He will come to make final judgment, to receive His people to Himself, and make all things new.

The elders and deacons of King’s Cross and the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) personally subscribe to the Westminster Confession of Faith (seventeenth century).