About Us

Our History

A brief history

King’s Cross Church was planted in Ashburn by McLean Presbyterian Church in September 2016 as a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America

A dedicated group of MPC members living in the Ashburn area formed the core congregation, and Stone Bridge High School has been our primary meeting place since the church was founded. 

In the years since our launch we have grown to welcome all kinds of people from our surrounding community. We have become a multi-generational, multicultural congregation with a heart to love one another amidst a diversity of viewpoints and experiences. During the pandemic we acquired the adaptability required to hold our church together and are encouraged to see how the Lord has been at work to grow our congregation both in the depth of our faith and continued openness to newcomers.

In 2022 our founding pastor was called to another ministry and we underwent a time of reflection and transition. Our second pastor, John Jones, joined us in June of 2023. Together, we are entering the next chapter in the life of King’s Cross. Please join us!